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Holding history in my hands. Redefining the Win. Surreal.

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The Iowa general election absentee ballots were mailed yesterday, October 5, 2020. I received mine today. WOW! My name is listed there, Ricki Sue King, and my cousin's Dayna R. Chandler. Surreal. I know we made the ballot back in August. It is a different story when you see your name on the ballot under President and Vice President Partisian Offices.

Our party, Genealogy Know Your Family History, even got an abbreviation GKH just like the DEM and REP parties. This is overwhelming as I look at the ballot. I had to sit and take it all in. We are not write-in candidates but real candidates. Our names are printed and we will forever, be President and Vice President candidates. Dayna and I are history. Our cousins and future family generations will hear about this journey we got to take together. Our great-nieces, great-nephews, and cousins in elementary and high school will be learning about us this month. They can say that is my aunt and cousin and no one will believe them. We can be the item they bring to show and tell. Again, wow! I do not believe I really got my mind around what we accomplished until today.

As our banner states, we are:

"Redefining The Win. Anything is possible. Our ticket is proof. Now go vote- just not for me.

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