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Wondering what to do since ordered to stay home or soon to be.

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Getting tired of watching TV, listening to music, or finding a new place to sit in your home. Now, is the time to start your family history search. This short video shows you one way to get started.

You have the information in your house to start your family history. I use a family obituary to show you three generations of information found within it. There is a fourth but no names are listed. Instead, it mentions four grandchildren. If your parents are alive start questioning them now. A few good questions to help you get started. Who is the oldest relative you remember? What is the relationship to you? What did you find interesting? Digitally record it or write it down. You can always ask yourself these questions as well.

Other items you may have to help you get started:

Baby book.

Marriage certificate.

Funeral home book registry.

Newspaper stories about family.

Birth announcements.

Any information listing family members.

Any information you record will get your mind off of the coronavirus. You can always write how it feels to have to social distance yourself for future generations as well. However, you approach getting started on your family history have fun.

Update: Check out our new YouTube channel at We will be adding more how-to videos.

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