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Family historian seeking knowledgeable people of all ethnicities to help find lost records. Your family ran or owned a funeral home that is no longer in business. Great! You have the books recording the burials handled by the funeral home. Your family has been handing the books down from generation to generation. You have now inherited the books and have no clue what to do with them. I can help. I am seeking records from past funeral homes of Des Moines, Iowa. Here are the names of a few of the funeral home records I am trying to locate Tug Wilson, Vivian "V. I." Jones, Handy and Bland, Jones and Samuel, Frank Fowler, Hammitt-Robinson, and Fowler Bros. I will take any funeral home records you know about, and I have not yet come across their name. Contact me at Ricki@RootsToBranchesGenealogy.com. You do not have any records but know the names of funeral homes no longer in business in Des Moines, Iowa. Contact me and share the funeral home name. If you know the records were destroyed years ago, still contact me to document and share the information.

Genealogical or historical research projects large or small.

Consultant for brick wall, planning, organization, and resident house history.

Private investigator for the living and the dead.



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