• Ricki King

Ellis Island here I come

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Immigrant Landing Station, N.Y.

I will soon be heading to Ellis Island ok this week. If they will allow it I will do a short video of my feelings why I am there. If not it will be on the boat back. I have no family that came through Ellis Island. Comment on a person you want me to look up or a family name. I will try to get a picture of a record. I think it will enhance my experience to look for information about a person or persons. If you have been there let me know of a can't miss item. Because I want to experience the place in person I have not looked at any online information recently. I remember going to see Lady liberty about 30 years ago before work to restore Ellis Island had begun. I have not been back to New York City since and have look at few pictures of the restoration. Excited to see the place where so many immigrates came from around the world.

Recently arrived persons, Ellis Island, N.Y.

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