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Are you a descendant of a passenger or a conductor of the underground railroad?

Is there a passenger on the underground railroad in your family? Maybe a conductor? How did your family member participate in the underground railroad in Des Moines and Iowa? Did you hear a vague story about your family involvement? We are looking for you. Let's get the Des Moines and Iowa African-American side of the story. We are exploring the stories of Whites and Blacks. (We have one woman who helped so far.)

I am working on a project called Forever Free. We are looking for descendants of the people involved in the underground railroad in Des Moines and Iowa. My group is currently researching several people buried at Woodland cemetery. Other groups are working on cemeteries in different Iowa towns.

The objectives of the Forever Free Mentoring Program:

1.) Coordinate a multi-generational community effort to enhance the education, documentation, and preservation of the Underground Railroad.

The pilot program needs your help. Spread the word we are looking for descendants of participates on the underground railroad.

Are you related to any of the people we are currently researching?

Alexander Armstrong, John M. Barnett, Henry Bell (aka Henry Essick), Peter Bell, Isaac Brandt, George H. Cleggett, Chester C. Cole, Joel P. Davis, Robert Dickens (aka Robert Dickenson), Pete Holmes, Herbert M. (Hub) Hoxie, Preston Jackson, Jefferson Logan, Levi McDonaldson (aka Levi Donald), Demas Robinson Charles H. Richardson, Henry Sheley (aka Henry Harrison), Richard Stewart, John Teesdale, Henry Tolliver, Robert D. (R. D.) Turner, and Delia Webster.

Contact Ricki King at 515-779-4394 or

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